The Plan For The Day

Please note, the wedding ceremony is due to begin at 3pm in The Gun Room at the Museum. Please ensure that you are in your seats by 2.30pm. And it really doesn't matter what side anyone sits on!

There will be some drinks from 3.30pm onwards; during this time you can explore the museum ( there's a soft play area to entertain our younger guests - and no, Rich and Andy, you can't go in and see what it's like). We'll be sitting down for dinner at around 5.30pm with speeches at 7pm and we expect there to be a packed dancefloor by 7.45pm at the very latest! We will be asked to leave the venue by 12am.

Please make sure that you take loads of photos of the day and please don't forget to share them with us via facebook, instagram,etc - we don't want to miss a thing!

Our DJ offers a request service so if there's a song that will definitely get you on the dancefloor, go to the following link and do your worst:
and enter the event date 09/08/2014 and password oq8ka

Name: Kelham Island Museum

Alma Street
S3 8RY


There is parking within the museum grounds. Access from the car park to the museum is over cobbles.